FRAMED is a photography exhibition with a simple purpose-
to help people look at things in a different way. The photographers
featured look for the everyday moments and the once in a lifetime
sights, both equally important for their intimacy and universal appeal.
The moment only existed once, a small portion of which still exists
because someone was there to appreciate its beauty and importance.

With this in mind FRAMED brings together many diverse talents. J. Grant
Brittain has been shooting professionally for nearly 30 years, in that time
shooting some of the worlds finest athletes. Brothers Ray and Dave Potesí
candid brand of street photography and practiced darkroom techniques put a
spotlight on the underside of life in the city. Lori Spearsí soft colors and
easy focus leaves the viewer guessing at meaning despite a lasting
impression of beauty. Dave Schubertís documentary photos of the sidestepped
life captures the shadows of society where just about anything goes.

Hopefully FRAMED will help to explore the unexamined moments that we
sometimes fail to see. The world is getting faster and smaller these days;
moments captured in this exhibit are framed for your enjoyment.

Anti-Social Gallery, Friday, June 30th 2006, 8-12pm

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Curently, we are exploring the possibility of taking FRAMED on
the road to New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you
are a gallery and are interested in exhibiting the show, please
email Isaac at

Mark Whiteley
David Potes
Sean Ratliff
Rick Marr
J. Grant Brittain
David Franklin
Ray Potes
John Trippe
Isaac McKay-Randozzi
Richard Hart
Lori Spears
David Schubert
Jessie van Roechoudt
John Groshong
David Uzzardi © mydumbluck